Posted by: chaterton | May 21, 2007

>Monroe for America

>Lettre from –to Americans
Why cancel the program ? ( BBC Alistair Cook
1-Doctrine MONROE

L’Amérique n’a pas besoin du reste du monde :
Ou plutot : la Chine , l’Inde , l’Europe , La Russie ….
Ont plusd besoin des USA que ceux -ci n’ont besoin d’eux
Dans ces conditions pourquoi s’embarrasser de scurpules ?

2- Culpabilité / arme nucléaire – thèse GALLOIS
Internet – critiques à l’ICANN
Et si c’était la France qui l’avait inventé ?
Le coq chanterait-il autant
Russes – roublardise
4- les $ n’achètemt pas le cœur des peuples
Qui se soucierait de la disparition des Arabes de la planète
Et qu’ont donc fait ces bons à rien pour l’Humanité ,

English Stop meddling with arab business.
These people are never to be trusted
Moreover , one cannot buy sympathy with money
So , either way uncle Sam is only losing his time AND money

2- If you feel some GILT about Hiroshima
Just think to what would have done the japanese
If they had first the nuclear capabilité
Or think of the lives saved with this solution
Awkward as this idea may seem to some people
The prior object af anty policy is to save more lives
Whateverv the cost in human lives
3- Men bring misery upon themselves
Look what you have done Opening your market to the japanese
Then to Chinese
And what would you achieve doing this ?
The end of the American Empire
Said some author whose name I can’t remember the name
5- French are critical about american position as regard to Internet
What would they have done supposing they were intiating the whole project
6-You can’t buy hearts with dollaars


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