Posted by: chaterton | May 11, 2008

Black and white

Add-on to my  previous message ( the free-exchange-store)

in french : les M.E.L

has it ever occured to the obscure mind of our “Great Economists”‘ that  Nature is against the capitalists , or in other words that the  theory of general equilibrium can’t fit the capitalist suprême goal , i-e (namely) the hunt for profit (*)

hence my suggestion about free-exchange world versus buy-sell (stock or commodities etc ..)

Suite de l’article sur les M.E.L :


(*) note:  “Above all never teach anything which should be unlearned afterwards as being wrong “

Remember Who said that – aproximate quote- ?

The greatest amongst them, grand-great Economists : Mr P.A. Samuelson – first NOBEL prize , no less



update : May 2008

Here is a new “theory” about the rise and fall of another GOD

The DOLLAR ($)



W–Want to know why the dollar is falling down ?

B — yeah , sure

W-Because that asshole of  pdt Bush has chosen an afro as secretary of state

B-Bullshit …!

W–Please believe me I am quite serious

B-What the hell this has anything to do with  that ? you take for me for  a bum or what  d’you think because I am black I should listen to your shit … 

W-Please sit down and be quiet one second

B-get lost

W-Won’t you sit down and listen to my ?

The author  ( Internet is so dangerous place ot live in

1-From now on  you will have to guess who is who ?

2–What ?

1–I mean whi is Blackie and who is Whitie – business…

You undesrtand I don’t want to get involved in any way with the LAW , any sue-ing or any bramble  about skin colour , see ? 


We resume the the previous  talk :



 2- OK! OK !I see you are in hurry  like most of people you want the truth

And you have no time to lose with the truth , am I right ?

1–Can’t you just tell me why the dollar is losing grip on thte market and we are done damn’it all !

 2–Did you know that the Saudian  didn’t  allow black people until recently in the holy shrine of Mecca ? did you know that ?

1–No , and again and once for all : what this has to do with…your sister tits  ? 

2–Hold on , hold on please , Il shall explain presently



The author : Second and Final step –

No clues about the characters  in the following :


-As you might know  Arabs were the biggest traders in the slave market in the 16th or the 17th don’t remember the century…

Anyway these people have always used black people as slave , and know in the 20th century what do they see ?

         You asking me or what ?

         Of course I am asking you ; what do they see ?

         Would you for chris’sake stop this foolish game , I am in no mood  for puzzles and  riddles and all that bull …

All right  I will tell you , they see their  powerful “friend”  the U.S.A

-Why d’you say quote – unquote

Because ….never mind , more on that later will you , let us concentrate on the subject

Ok , go ahead

-Where was I …?  Oh yeah …they see an Afro which they used to  buy and sell as slave  , in top position , on top country  , what would be their  reaction

-Ask me ?  then you  Tell me

they will no longer trust this top country , and this is why the dollar  is down on the currencies market


I did not get the last word from your …your so-called  QUOTE / monetary theory / UNQUOTE

Shall we restart the whole business once again ?

NO !!!

Please ….

-Get lost ; if you had listened to …knock it off now , will you  ?



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