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how do we need …..( cont inued )






The world i had dreamed for more than I could afford to dream

It is here …at hand can’t you see ?


« Du calme « , quiet please …..will you  try to explain ?


Sorry , I get somewhat dizzy ….not used to such surprises anymore

and the old âge : how did B . Shaw put it ?  «  if the destiny points to you when …

remember ? …

– no sir !  and  I am not saying  …er…..I am not sorry – repeat… not

(*) “ la suite du dialogue aufrait dù etre la conclusion de cet article 

et n’ à rien a voir içi – compressne qui pourra !


— never mind I just wonder Why I am not cheering  and shouting

like stupid men used to when they feel happy…may be I am not happy after all

Let me explain : I can see men behaving exactly the way I predicted

or should I say the way I dreamed ..months …years ?….. or …well !   âges earlier

-For eg. There are more intelligent …

  • really ? …how so …..
  • OK ! Let us say , there  are less stupids ….less messy

    er ….more cautious – with money thaht is

  • amongst other things …
  • I would not believe it even when I see it ….carry on what else have we got ?
  • You Don’t believe me you ?
  • Well As a matter of fact

— Tell you what ?

” We have reached the promised land ”

the world where the virtue of reality is no more ( …)

than the reality of the …Morals

– and virtues …

–yeah I heard that



experience des respirationnistes


– I tryied and failed …once …2..3….n

And suddenly  I understood  it all

the last straw ..or the  bottelneck

depending on which side you see the reality ( show)

If men could dispense with all their needs  …then  why are we spending so much time and money and …

to satisfy those needs  ?

– You tell me ..

_________________________________END OF REM  (*)

– You may put any thing you want , any quallification inside the ( …)

– «  tu ne vois pas encore ou je veux en venir ? «  see what I mean




Sorry for mingling langages ( français – english )

this is «  un signe des temps «  globalization they say

F…yankees ! They challenged the whole world for more than a century

And now the whole world is at last responding

/ Challenge and response / is the name of the new game


  1. for those who dislike small talk , go see the «  theory of ( Ni – Ai ) in this same blog


And if they don’t like either outspoken langage or symbols go buy yourself a dream



(*)  I promise I will pull all these loose ends together

when I  can put some order into  my own ideas

or whenI should pull MYSELF together …


In the meantime  you may  ask   “ où veut-il en venir ?

all these theorie about needs and abilities may sound ludicrous , to say the least

what is the point  of …   ?well …if anything this life looks like  more a game to me

– oh my ! …. but we are already in a game  ! ….can’t you understand ?

any way ,  if you can ask  silly questions  , you may as well find  some smart answers ….huh ?

” et les ( lecteurs- lectrices ) ne perdent rien pour attendre la suite 



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