Update : May 2008

Remember that sentence ?

 from who ?… ( remind me please if  you happen to read these lines

Things of the heart never die out ….said he

Well , in this  § we rather use the terms :

things of life :

Eg :

Why are american so keen on  showing their intelligence ?

Let me explain :

When you want to be seen as an ntelligent  person

You  mean :

1-you are afraid your pals could not see how intelligent you are

2-you want to tell : see how stupid all other people are compared to me

3-let me have  my  way ‘cos  I am ….

4-I am too shy to take what I want – or need – so please consider me as…

5-other – no form to fill in , thank God !)

Don’t you agree  with me ?

Can’t you see from this eg . A’ ( very , very simple  eg ., you must believe me ! )

Can’nt you see how difficult  life is , how unpredictable people are , if you try to “read” their feelings or their minds

Let alone  , as the author ( who?) said : thongs of the heart

All right try  to read the following

And we shall discuss the mater later , right ?


You can solve a vast quantity of your problems with a (yes/no)  instance /simulation

let’s  see the first eg/

About life


Life at the beginning was a program

It says , for example :

Are you winner or loser ?

You speaking of money or (others)

Money in cash or (others)


And the program goes on and on …



Life in the future would be as boring as this

i-e a series of (yes/no) questions

Those who can remember the 70 ‘

know what I am talking about

The program finally determines

That there is no substitute for being a loser

Repeat « LOSER »

What does that mean ?

Why don’t you ask your computer ?

PC or Mac ?

cont …..

The answer , my friend …

is blowing in the wind

Far as I know : the computer said :

What good would be your riches if you have nobody to epare them with

What use would be your sex ( or your chidren)

When you can experiene nothing but hatred

etc …

Next topics:

Why do women sulk ?


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